Surf City 1974-1980

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The hippie drift++Col Smith re- entry, 1975. Photograph @ Hugh McLeod / Aition ++Winged pin with eagle design Hot Buttered, Brookvale, 1972, foam, fibreglass and resin  <br>Mick Mock Collection++Tony ‘Humph’ Humphreys, Paul ‘Surl’ Goffett, Brad ‘Pork’ Andersen and Jeff ‘Critter’ Morris in car park at Long Reef, <br>Chris Seller, late 1970s. Courtesy Warren MacKenney. © Chris Seller ++Toffer, Magoo, Bunny, Chris and Nick at surfers’ shack, Long Reef, Jeff Morris, late 1970s. <br>Courtesy Warren MacKenney. © Jeff Morris++Yellow Bahne superflex skateboard Bahne, 1974–80. Mick Mock Collection++McCoy pin-tail flyer McCoy, Avoca, 1978, foam, fibreglass and resin<br>Courtesy Pete Shiel++Shoes Boards by Dunlop, c1975. Mick Mock Collection++Mexican cardigan Crystal Cylinders, 1974–80 Vintage <br>Surf and Skate Emporium++Surf gear by Tracker sticker Tracker, 1975. Mick Mock Collection++Energy Thruster Simon Anderson, Brookvale, 1980, foam, fibreglass and resin<br>Courtesy Simon Anderson++Red Golden Breed flex deck skateboard Bennett Surfboards, Sydney, c1976. Courtesy Duncan Harrex++

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The new wave

In 1973 the voting age dropped to 18, giving Australian kids a more powerful voice. National service ended, along with decades of conservative government. The following year, as surfing brushed off its antisocial image and the smoky haze of counterculture cleared, Sydney staged its first ‘big money’ contest: the 2SM/Coca-Cola Surfabout.
In the next few years a new era of professionalism unfolded, with sponsorships, a fledgling surf ware industry and the development of a world pro tour. It was also the beginning of hardcore surfing. Thanks to a skateboard revival, ‘lay-back’ cutbacks and explosive backhand re-entries were carving up Sydney waves. And girls on the beach began to question their exclusion from the surf. Then along came the three-finned ‘thruster’.

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